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Packaging Applications and Markets

For eco-conscious brand owners, retailers and converters.

Sylvicta is a food-contact paper with high barrier properties, ready for manufacturing sustainable packaging applications across the food and cosmetic industries.

Sylvicta is available in weights as low as 42gsm and up to 180gsm and can be delivered in reels or sheets.

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With a very high grease barrier, Sylvicta is the right choice to replace plastic overlays.


Sylvicta is a truly innovative way to display your product, providing a translucent appearance and increasing shelf life.


Sylvicta is a recyclable alternative to the multi-layer materials traditionally used for butter and margarine. It can be transformed into a metallized paper to preserve butter’s shelf life and maintain a consistent colour.


Sylvicta can be laminated to paperboards and other materials, working as a barrier against mineral oils and replacing petroleum based polymers.


Sylvicta will allow the production of stand-up pouches, through the application of heat or cold seal coatings. It is a sustainable solution to
multi-layered packaging.

Flow pack

Sylvicta can be produced as a flow pack, providing excellent protection for the product as well as high quality printability.

Sealed bags

Pillow-bags, 3-sided bags and sachets can be made out of Sylvicta. Fatty, dry and fresh foodstuff can be packed inside a Sylvicta heat or cold sealed bag.


Sylvicta can be transformed into eco-friendly labels that can go directly to your compost.

Bespoke solutions

Cooperation is key for sustainable results. Our Arjowiggins R&D centre works continuously with our packaging converter partners to find bespoke and sustainable solutions.

Features such as light protection, wet-strength, more transparency and an enhanced moisture barrier can be added to Sylvicta, whilst maintaining the the performance and environmental commitments.