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About Sylvicta

Past and Presence

The Sylvicta brand has its origins in the forests and the history of Kent, the Garden of England, the home of the Chartham Mill.

We first started making paper at Chartham in 1730. Today we combine the time-honoured methods of over 250 years with modern processing technology to offer a unique and innovative barrier paper: Sylvicta.

Derived from the Latin name for Forest, Sylva and the word Invicta, the historic emblem of the county of Kent, Sylvicta means the ‘forest that conquers’.

Sylvicta replaces synthetic petroleum-based polymers with naturally occurring cellulose-pulp to complete the circle of life.

Planet and Product

Convention says that food packaging should be cheap and durable.

Sadly, the legacy of that conventional packaging will be around for thousands more. The plastic in our oceans bear tragic testament to that legacy.

We set out to challenge convention for the good of the planet. Our R&D teams were given a unique challenge: to create a food-contact paper with high barrier properties which challenged the ethos of conventional packaging.

The result is Sylvicta. A fully recyclable, compostable, and marine degradable paper produced using only renewable raw materials.

It is clean, naturally translucent, totally sustainable and increases shelf-life of the packaged product by offering the perfect barrier to oxygen, aroma and grease. It is approved for direct contact with food and has an aesthetic appeal.

Purpose and Passion

We have created a product designed to meet the desires of the present, without compromising the needs of the future.

We recognise that the responsibility of business to society has changed forever.

We want to attract customers, converters and end-users who share our beliefs and empathise with our values.

Sylvicta bears the hallmark of honesty and integrity. It provides hope and optimism for packaging in our future.

Sylvicta® and the Sylvicta symbol and logo are registered trademarks of Arjowiggins.


International standards for creative and technical papers – since the 17th century

Arjowiggins is an independent paper manufacturer with a rich history reaching back to the 17th century. From our Anglo-French roots we have grown into a paper manufacturer with a global reach, marrying experience, knowledge and skill to the most advanced technology available, to serve customers large and small. Today, Arjowiggins is firmly established as one of the world’s leading producers of creative and technical papers.

Our portfolio of products includes:

  • Creative papers, Creative packaging & Labels
  • Bookbinding & Covering papers
  • Translucent papers, including barrier papers
  • Smart papers
  • Security papers
  • Transfer papers

The company continues to produce all of the iconic products that have built its reputation, including Conqueror, Curious Collection, Keaykolour, Pop’Set, Rives, Delos, Geltex, Gateway, Jetguard, Laserguard, and more recently Powercoat for printed electronics. Our papers are manufactured across four mills, in Europe (Stoneywood and Chartham in the UK, Guarro Casas in Spain) and China (Quzhou).

Sustainability and respect for the environment remain more than ever at the heart of Arjowiggins’ activities, through a wide range of ongoing internal and external initiatives. And we retain an intense focus on maintaining our position as a pioneer in the development of innovative, high added-value creative and technical paper products.