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Translucent Barrier Paper

Preserving the freshness of packaged products while ensuring a limited impact on the environment.

Imagine a world where all packaging was naturally sustainable.

  • A world in which plastic was used only sparingly.
  • Sylvicta brings hope for the future of packaging.
  • Sylvicta is natural.
  • Sylvicta is a translucent, functional barrier paper, which is fully recyclable and compostable.
  • It protects your product.
  • And protects our planet.
  • Naturally.

Recyclable & Repulpable



Zero plastics

High Oxygen Barrier

High Aroma Barrier

High Oil and Grease Barrier

Functional Barrier against MOSH/MOAH

Packaging Applications

For eco-conscious converters, brand owners and retailers, Sylvicta is a food-contact paper with high barrier properties, ready for manufacturing sustainable packaging applications.

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